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This makes my blood boil.

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The only country on the list that I don't think belongs there is Cuba.

As far as Nigeria..well, it only takes one I guess. Too bad for Nigeria but what can you do.. The country is majority muslim and unfortuately, while the rest of the population probably doesn't have any ill tendencies, its these kinds of countries where terrorists are able to blend in easily.
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Ahhh, poor babies...another victim of the USA's evil plot to make everyone's self esteem as low as possible...good lord almighty....
They come off the list when the kill all the Nigerian internet, email and credit card scammers there.
It's my money. First come, first served......
I just facilitated a "tremendous business opportunity" to assist in the development of the Nigerian Electrical Cooperative. All I had to do was deposit a $5M letter of credit, wait for it to clear my account and then transmit it to a second holding account in London less my "generous commission of 5%." Seems a transaction that involves my personal bank account helps them avoid "unnecessary and unjust" Nigerian taxation authorities. Anyone else interested?

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