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This is new to me

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2002
JetBlue, US Airways plan winter cuts in flight schedules

Lisa Treon
JetBlue plans to cut flights due to seasonal frequencies beginning in January. Its single daily flight from Washington Dulles to Sacramento will end Jan. 17, along with other flights from New York to Florida and the West Coast. A spokeswoman for JetBlue said the service is suspended indefinitely but could be reinstated in the future. The carrier also serves Oakland, Long Beach, San Diego and Fort Lauderdale from Dulles.
The Washington-Fort Lauderdale service will be cut from three dailies to two in January, according to schedule data listed in APGDat, Seabury Airline Planning Group's data web site. Much of the airline's growth in Washington this winter will focus on the new Dulles-Boston flights, which launch Jan. 17.
This winter, JetBlue plans to drop one daily flight each from New York JFK to Long Beach and Ontario. After the changes, the carrier will fly one service to Ontario and six to Long Beach. The airline said the transcontinental changes are only seasonal and will return in May. The carrier will also offer fewer frequencies to Buffalo and Rochester, as well as fewer flights to Tampa and Nassau.
APGDat shows that US Airways also is making cuts in its schedule, but it’s not clear if the cuts are seasonal or permanent. The airline is suspending several markets in Las Vegas and making some capacity cuts in Phoenix. As early as next month, it will stop service from Las Vegas to Austin, Spokane, San Antonio and Raleigh-Durham. The schedule also shows the airline will cut frequencies in more than 20 markets from Phoenix.
The old folks are all in Florida...

That's cuz the old folks are all down in Florida for the winter, the frequency will pick back up in the spring, it's one of those CRAZY flight planning things that the airlines all do: more frequency in the busy season, less in the slow times.....

What a thought!
Maybe cuts, but, who is this person and we identify our spokespeople. Just a quick glance at the January schedule doesn't reflect any radial changes. Sounds like a typical load of bull thats put out by the unknown trying to make a name or scoop the story. Like anything in the airline business, don't believe anything you read unless it's in your pay or on the property.
I "googled" the author, Lisa Treon, and apparently she writes for ALPC. Maybe she's trying to drum up some new business for Kit Darby and his empire. However, I couldn't find the above article w/my initial google search of "Lisa Treon Jetblue."

This frequency change happens every year in January after the holidays. The only dropped route will be IAD-SMF, but SMF is within driving distances from SJC and OAK, which we'll continue to serve.
I am from SMF and use to commute a lot on us when I was living there. The SMF-JFK flights are generally 145+ on the loads. The SMF-IAD flight usually only filled 120-130 at the most. Funny that on average 130 folks (83%) was considered a sub-par load factor. I think is just shows how full the rest of our system flights are. The commute from SMF-JFK is almost always full. I was in the JS most of the time. I do the SMF trip all the time and there is a real difference between JFK and IAD flights. Hopefully the IAD flight will come back eventually. This leaves UAL as the only DC to SMF route and the ticket prices will sky-rocket. Before we were there the UAL flights ranged $600-1000 round trip on a good day.
I believe US Air also stops flights to Bermuda from National in the "off season", but they alllllways back when volume kicks back up - doubt it's permanent.
I talked to a gate agent in SMF last week and they said the powers that be in Sacto are lobbying for MCO, BOS (connect to IAD via E190) and FLL. Not sure how JBLU will respond but I do know there are plenty of communities that want our services.
IAD - BOS starts 1/17/06 on Jet Blue, can't wait to get in on those fare sales the first few weeks. I go up there a lot, and those fares will be cheap enough to make me go to IAD rather than dish out for DCA.

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