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This Crap Gets My Goat....

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My kind of FOD!
Dec 29, 2004
US Airways Rejects Pilots’ Proposed NMB-Facilitated Talks
Contract negotiations between pilots and management were initiated in November 2005

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – April 2, 2009 – The US Airline Pilots Association (USAPA) received notice yesterday that US Airways has rejected the association’s proposal to seek a National Mediation Board facilitator to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. The association requested an NMB facilitator in February 2009.

“We are convinced that the services of an NMB Facilitator will assist pilot and management negotiators in reaching agreement,” said USAPA President Steve Bradford. “In the letter, Management informed us that they will support a facilitator ‘should there come a time where outside assistance in reaching a single agreement does become appropriate.’ Since negotiations were initiated in November of 2005, the US Airways pilots wonder when the right time might be, and we question Management’s sincerity in desiring to reach any agreement.”

USAPA represents over 5,000 US Airways pilots in seven domiciles across the United States.
Let the Hatfield and McKoy monkey throwing poop fest begin.....


Please save your east/west fighting for another place,time,thread or just save that energy for the informational picketing.....​
Talk to the East, they walked away from the table for over a year. It's their fault...period. Now they want sympathy... Eff'M. LOA 93 is too generous for those Sc.....they're not worth that much cash.
Let the Hatfield and McKoy monkey throwing poop fest begin.....


Please save your east/west fighting for another place,time,thread or just save that energy for the informational picketing.....​

Yeah...if it was rational discussion it would be tolerable. What it's evolved into...ugly. I think calling it a monkey throwing poop fest hits the nail on the head. With that said....DUCK!
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Perhaps Sully will share some of his book and movie earnings with the entitled, industry veteran LOA 93 members.
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I've heard you guys have lots of ncknames for each side

heard the east calls the west "westicles'

heard the west calls the east "unilateral a$$holes"
since their planes end in UA
Of course the company doesn't want a facilitator. To facilitate what? With whom? They want to deal with a viable union. Once they get their house in order, then the company will sit down with whomever is deemed the legitimate representitive of all the pilots. Any thing else wastes the facilitators and the company's time.

Once USAPA is decertified, then the pilots can begin making progress. Unfortunately it's a waiting game now.

US planes don't end in UA, but they do end in:

AU - as in the gold USAPA will cough up in damages
UW - USAPA's Worst
KW - Know they're Wrong
US - Un Salvageable
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How many westholes made the list?

Police release 600 page client list in AZ prostitution ring

Reported by: ABC15.com staff
Last Update: 2/17 8:12 am

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Click the play button on the video window to the see the story

A client list from Arizona's largest known prostitution ring has been released to the public by Phoenix police.

Read the list (part 1)
Read the list (part 2)

The list from Nighttime Entertainment Partners - Desert Divas was obtained after authorities raided the service last fall, police said.

No arrests have been made based on 600 page list, and Phoenix Sgt. Andy Hill said investigators had not yet made contact with any of the people on it.

"The names on the 'client list' are not suspects," Hill said in a news release. "Our investigators are still working on the organization members involved in felonies and have not yet had the time to get to any of the 'clients' which involved misdemeanors."

Sgt. Hill said police have been investigating the prostitution ring since August 2007, and made a first wave of arrests in August 2008. The list was recovered from Desert Divas and labled "client list," according to police.

A total of 50 arrests have been made public thus far, but police said they plan to make more arrests before the investigation is over.

Read more about the Desert Diva arrests from last fall

The Phoenix Police Department provided this list to ABC15 News in response to a public records request. ABC15 News has not independently verified its accuracy. The people named on this list are not suspects or charged with any crime.

Copyright 2009 The E.W. Scripps Co. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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