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There goes Florida


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Apr 11, 2002
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Well this is just great!

US Airways has decided to pull out of Florida and once again screwed PDT! TPA closes in Nov. and JAX closes in Feb. All those guys are coming north! Why don't they just tell us it's over and start sending out the notices!

Hey, I'm taking the plunge and going over to ACA for an interview later this month-any other current 121 drivers go through it lately? I've seen the gouge from CFI's and all the questions were based on Part 91 ops. I assume they'll ask 121 stuff to the regional guys but haven't seen any gouge..thoughts?

G'luck to all our displaced Flordia folks and welcome to the NORTHLAND home of the mystery crew meal-no more Chili's in TPA!! Just wait till ya try our "fancy" feasts prepared by our own chef's in DCA...HA! Bring the Pepto, boys!


spam and rice please
Feb 5, 2002
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Comair is lovin' 121 time now.
Good Luck dude!


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Nov 25, 2001
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If you want to stay in the south, ASA is hiring and things are still moving with the CRJ-700. It is a great place to work and hopefully our new contract will make things even better.
I understand you need an LOR now.

Good Luck!