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The white dragon an FO!?

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Did she throw her flight bag at the FAA again? Or was it another unannounced 360 on the arrival into DFW? Classic stuff.
I think she stopped her 900 in the middle of ramp 4 to go bitch out a marshaller who had a bee swarming in his face.
The White Dragon? This (that) story needs deets.
The saga of the White Dragon continues......

-The "White Dragon" is a moniker which has been attached to one of our more senior Captains (who happens to be female) (who also happens to be not quite right.)

There are many stories about her hijinks and travails. Pretty legendary. My favorite involves our friendly Dragon getting into a pissing contest with an FAA inspector back in DFW. He wanted to check her charts, and she alledgedly availed him of said charts-at a high rate of speed.

The facts seem to get somewhat distorted, but he claimed that she threw her flight bag at him and hit his foot. I wasn't there, but I have it on good authority that he was so pissed that he called the cops and threatened to have her charged with assault. Nice work-Dragonfire!

-There are many other funny/scary tales of things the Dragon has done. Perhaps others will share....

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