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The Upturn Has Begun (I Hope!)

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001

A number of US PAX charter pilots reported that their business FINALLY started to pick up last month, and was continuing to pick up this month.

Atlas recalled some FEs this week.
Evergreen just announced some recalls.
Kalitta Air (747s) just announced some recalls.

PS-If you have lost your job, like I did, or are now getting furloghed, here is some hope. God bless.
Holy ********************e I hope you're right, Clifford!!! I went from the left seat to stacking apples in a grocery store the last three months. I don't know how much more of this fun I can take!!!!!!
Kalitta originally furloughed out of seniority. They have recalled, but have also furloughed others who were retained out of seniority. Not really the same as simply bringing crewmembers back...because as they bring people on, they let others go.
Sorry to rain on the parade too, Atlas have called back a few FE`s but there are dozens of pilots hitting the streets at the end of this and the next few months. Things could change though. Been to the Florida yet Cliff?
There is no upturn. Look at the economy. Just because some furloughed pilots are getting called back does not an upturn make. The fact remains, demand for air freight is still going down.

Just keeping it real.
Debbie Downer

I'd rather be "Debbie Downer" with the cold hard facts than Sugarcoat Everything to make You Feel Better Fantasy World Metro752 .:smash::rolleyes:

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