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The Reserves and Non-US Employers.

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Well-known member
May 10, 2002
Could anybody share their experiences when it comes to being a reservist and working for a non-US employer? Specifically, I am concerned about how flexible your employer was when it came to fulfilling military duties in the reserves. In the US, the SSCRA protects us from losing our jobs when we go on military orders (yes, I realize there are exceptions to that rule). I want to work overseas, but I would hate to get booted because I had to put time in wearing the green (or sometimes tan) suit.

Thanks for the info!
Cathay Pacific's policy is that they will put you on unpaid leave if you get called up for active duty. You have to do your drills on your days off or leave, no dropping trips.

I actually think they have a pretty fair attitude considering they could just not hire you if you are in the reserves or fire you if you get called.
Mil Loa

Two things to keep in mind. One; Employer(s) may not have to abide by US Labor Laws (Soldiers and Sailors Act or whatever the latest one is called). Two; Not all the world agrees with the US and its foreign policies. So, best of luck to you.

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