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The Players Club " Gulfstream II position BEAWARE "

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splash 8
Sep 8, 2003
Hi guys.

I just want to give you guys a heads up on this individual. I just saw an advertizement for a PIC and SIC for a GII on www.bizjetjobs.com.
The company name is The Players Club.


My friend flew for this company owned by Lenny Dykstra. That airplane is not RVSM approved and doesn’t have any insurance and other documents nesessary to be legal. He is only looking for the two next victims to fly his airplane back to Camarillo CA. Guys I understand that with this economy every one of us is in need for a better job or just simple a job. Please be really careful. Lenny will promise you going to make money working for him.

Guys please, I don’t know any of you, but if you or any of your friends is looking to work for this individual please be carefull.





FALL-STAR: Deep-in-debt former Met star Lenny Dykstra is the target of a dozen lawsuits and may forfeit his $18 million Southern California mansion

"Nails" has been hammered flat broke.

Lenny Dykstra, the once high-flying former Met turned entrepreneur and self-described Wall Street whiz, is at risk of losing his $18 million California mansion and private jet, according to documents and associates.

"He's been writing bad checks all over town," one source said.

The private-equity firm Index Investors filed foreclosure papers March 11 on Dykstra's sprawling Thousand Oaks estate, which he purchased from hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, records show.

Dykstra, a three-time All-Star whose tough, gritty playing style earned him the nickname Nails, did not return calls or e-mails for comment.

The firm gave Dykstra a $850,000 bridge loan in November to help his struggling The Players Club magazine meet expenses. That loan was secured with his mansion, which has been described as the crown jewel of the exclusive Lake Sherwood Country Club Estates in Southern California, the source said.

But Dykstra allegedly missed making payments, which were supposed to begin in January.

Index Investors declined to comment.

Washington Mutual then filed its own notice of default on his $12 million mortgage on March 18.

Meanwhile, Dykstra's Gulfstream II was impounded in Cleveland on Feb. 12 after a creditor said the ex-slugger failed to pay $228,000 for interior renovations to it. The work mainly involved the installation of a state-of-the-art entertainment system.

Constant Aviation, which is in possession of the jet, declined to comment.

The former center fielder also is targeted in a dozen lawsuits by ex-employees and creditors who say they've been stiffed by him.

[email protected]
I have heard this from lots of people, thanks for the warning.
Position Type: Pilot - Fixed Wing
Location: Camarillo CA
Salary: N/A

From former Chief Pilot of Players Club, Mark Malone.

*Do NOT consider working for Lenny Dykstra - The Players Club, Camarillo, CA - Gulfstream II - N448PC. He has hired 8 pilots promising to pay them and reimburse them and has not paid any of the. He asks you to buy airline
tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars AND FUEL HIS GULFSTREAM on YOUR Credit Card.
You will NOT get paid!!!!!! You will be fired when you demand to be paid. Eight pilots have Lenny Dykstra in a lawsuit. His Players Club employees have
all quit. Google Lenny Dykstra and read for yourself. His home is in foreclosure and he owes back taxes totalling about $500k. Lenny talks like he
will make you his partner. In reality he his Bernie Madoff, Jr. His offer of a job is a scam. Three management companies have been hired and fired. He owes
and he does not pay. His airplane is grounded in Cleveland with a half a million lawsuit served against him just yesterday. Your desire to take any job
needs to have a line in the sand and Lenny Dykstra is not who you should even consider working for....

Contact Information

Contact Name: Mark Malone / [email protected]
I have seen first hand what a jerk he can be! Don't ever fly for this has been!
please tell anyone you know about this guy.

let's all stick together. We don't need this kind of people on this industry anymore. We have to many all ready.
Thanks for posting. This guy is a washed up scum bag who thinks he is somehow above having to pay anyone for anything. He's being sued by a slew of pilots, charter companies, aviation mx companies, his printer, his personal assistant and half a dozen others. He can forget about Gulfstream travel, once everyone's done with him he'll be lucky if he can afford a ticket on a Grayhound bus.
Last edited:
Shoot, he won't even be a afford the luxury of a Greyhound! Hope he still has his thumb!
LOL Biz! We all worked hard to earn the experience we have....everyone deserves better. I hope the word gets around about this guy. The aviation world is a very small one, forums like this help make it even smaller!
The aviation world is a very small one, forums like this help make it even smaller!

And that's what I love about this site, exposing the bottom feeders of this business. Power to the people! ;-)

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