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The "New Board"

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I have a member
Jun 10, 2002
I need another Alternate, I want Tuesday off, Why is my pay screwed up again!!!, I want more fuel, the flight attendants are fighting, where is my release? This isn't the crew meal I ordered, The hotel van hasn't showed up and you need to pay for a cab! Gosh, this feels like your at work doesn't it.
I want my mommy!!!!!
Dont forget....

I want outta this swap, the coffee maker is broke, the FO is just a baby, is there anything on this plane that isn't writen up? Can this guy actually jumpseat? It's too early in the morning, its too late, i have 9 legs today, the autopilot is broke- you mean i have to handfly this thing?

etc. etc. etc.

I left my hat/laptop/keys/coat/shoes/sunglasses on aircraft X. Can you see where it's going right now and send the crew an ACARS message for me?

Top three actual phone calls I've taken before:

3. "Why don't we get breakfast at the hotel anymore?"

2. "Why is the flag backwards on the right side of the plane?"

1. From a brand new FO - "Do my pants need to be cuffed?"

Fun stuff. I'm glad to see we have our own little spot on FI now.
Well Good evening folks.....Glad our Web master granted our wish to have our own place in space.....I am real hopeful we can all have a good time here and keep things as professional as possible.....
Here's a good one from the rookie deicing questions file.

"Can we go with just type 4? Last time it took .5 hr for the rampers to type I us...GOOOSH!
exactlywrong said:
hahahaha this ones great ..

"Whats the burn for my takeoff alternate"

That's CLASSIC!!!

or how about...

The TAF says broken 2000, I think u forgot to put an alternate on...
Wow! 5 threads 25 posts and nobody's bltching about pay/scope/unions/LOA's/bottomfeeders/PFT's/J4J's or lowering the bar. I love this!!! my RVR's P6000 right about now.
Or my fav..

I was watching the weatherchannel in the hotel. hows it look on your screen !!!

Can you give me the weather for XYZ. Err capt you are not going anywhere near these.. Yes but I wanted to see what the weather was like as I go there after my overnight tonight !!

Heard on Sun AM at.........

" My capt told me to call you we need an alternate. Why its 10sm and few110. Yes but my capt doesnt believe the TAF as he got caught the other day and had to delay waiting for an alternate.. Let me get this right ... ( still not sure if it was a joke on him or not !)

Midnight Brit
Coming to you on ACARS 4 nights a week.
Uh, dispatch were holding over FAK on our way to LGA and ATC just gave us an EFC of 60min from now and ehhhh ... nevermind were cleared.

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