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The MU2 - Another article in Denver today

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Anyone that reply's to this flame bait better have their asbestos underwear on! The article is definitely one sided not objective at all.
Uh, I posted the article straight from a Denver TV station website. Not sure where you're getting the idea that I'm a flamebaiter. My comment about the spoilers is genuine... I seem to recall hearing of a few commercial airframes using spoilers rather than ailerons, and I think a lot of the other comments made by the good Dr. K are off base.

Anyway, yeah I agree that article is horrible (is that what you are referring to as flame bait, the actual article?). KMGH (TV station in question) used to do a fair job (relatively speaking) on aviation related articles. This is looking like a hatchet job for sure. Fairly typical of the media these days though... They prefer to scare everybody into submission, and most fall right for it.

Sorry if you and I are having a misunderstanding, you were very unclear.
Let's not forget, that pilot error does not cause all of these accidents as was kinda said in this report. The last one here in APA is looking more and more like faulty FAA/ GOV equipment sending false G/S info to not only the last MU-2, but the Conquest a couple weeks later.
AngelKing said:
uuhh no. But out of curiosity, how did the sim behave in that situation?


flashback 20+ yrs--- it performed well enough. the sim was very good training at fsi in houston. at the time I thought it was a nice bird. hindsight is always 20/20. probably time to retire this white elephant. i would not want anyone i know to be flying them. simulator training is essential for both pilots every six months. as well as top flight maintenance.
Is it me or do there seem to be a high number of engine losses in the MU-2? Maybe someone should go after the maint. and powerplant angle and not so much the airframe.

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