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The mighty (?) CF34

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Jul 1, 2002
On my way into work of late, during my routine gathering of FOD (just because it's in the parking lot doesn't mean it can't be sucked into an intake someday), I've found a number of loose sheets from a "General Electric CF34 Heavy Maintenance Manual". Probably 10 or so sheets over the course of a few months. I don't question how the sheets made it to our parking lot (that's anyone's guess); I wonder what sort of aircraft this engine hangs on when it isn't being fixed by a couple of guys who opened the manual in the wind last April. None of our A&Ps knew the designation, but I'll warrant at least someone here does.

Thanks in advance,
The reason evades me why I didn't just type 'cf34' into Google. Apparently they also power the Challenger 601 and 604, according to the link provided. Thank you, skiddriver.
The Embraer 135/140/145 is instead powered by the Allison AE3007. Embraer's new 170/190, however is powered by the CF34
All the Canadair RJ series use one version or another of the CF34.

It is really a great engine. Outstanding reliability. Knowing it was designed for combat use (A10, S3) gives you a warm fuzzy every time you fly them.

And if nothing else, it makes a cool message board screen name. :)

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