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The lowdown on Electronic logbooks

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Dec 16, 2001
I've already read all the old posts on this subject.

I'm considering either FL2000 or Logbook Pro. Here's what I've gathered so far: Both products are good software. What I am more concerned with is which one will provide more future support, future enhancements, and which one is more user friendly. I also want to quickly be able to print out specific data (i.e.- a good filter system built into the software) for airline applications that ask for specific time. I've seen some airline applications that literally want you to break your logbook down into every type of time immaginable! And I want to have the ability to do this quickly and easily. That would be the main reason for putting my time into an electronic logbook- a quick, throrough, and good filter system. I also want to be able to print out a professional looking copy of all my times. I would really like to get some input from someone who has used BOTH FL2000 and Logbook Pro, and can compare the two.

Second question. I noticed that FL2000 offers a Palm pilot version that can be synched with the PC software. I flew with a Captain who had a palm pilot logbook and he said that he liked it. Does anyone have any input on palm pilot logbooks. Should I stick with the paper mini-Aerolog or go palm pilot? How easy is it to use the palm pilot on a daily basis for entering in times, etc?
I have used both, but I can't say much for the Filtering in FL2K. Logbook Pro has the most unique and powerful filtering capability which I really like -- the Analyzer. You can use a master filter, or select from numerous sub-filters at the top of the Analyzer, then print your data. I suggest just trying both and see what you like.

I had the palm pilot, "palm log." It was easy to use, but after logging in all my time so that it was up to date, the batteries ran out and I lost all the information and the program as well. Unless you have a PC that you can regularly download your Palm pilot info onto be careful.
I'll probably stick with the little red book for logging time in the airplane and just go electronic on my computer. I always feel more comfortable with a hard copy.
I hear that. MY girlfriend bought me the palm pilot, but without a PC to save the files on, it is too dangerous to rely on as your sole refrence to log time, addresses etc.
I agree with "FlightCrew". Since I'm facing the 3rd furlough in a 15 month period, I can't tell you how valuable an electronic logbook is (VERY) but I can also say that no matter which system you buy, you absolutely MUST back up your data on at least 2 discs and also keep a paper copy of your flight time , either in the form of a redbook or periodic print-outs of your flight time. Good Luck!

No offense man, but with 3 furloughs in 15 months I think you have the wrong Avitar... You need to have PigPen (the guy with the constant cloud over his head) instead of Snoopy...

Sorry to hear of your recent string of very bad luck, I hope all will turn around for you... If you don't mind my asking, what 3 companies have you been (or about to be) furloughed from?

Good luck to you, keep your head up! Just like the stock market, what goes down must go up! In 20 years you'll probably sit back and laugh saying "Remember when..."

Fly Safe!
computer logs

I use the fl2k log and it works good for me. The reason I choose it is because of the palm software. I have had a few hiccups while operating it but I always made backups of the data. Just like you said it makes filling out applications much easier. fl2k has enough filters and is fairly user friendly. The palm software works well but don't just buy that. It prints out in a very professional looking format. About once every two months I reprint the whole thing along with all the various totals pages, totals by aircraft type, propulsion, ops regs, weight or whatever, take it to kinkos and have it spiral bound. It only costs about six bucks to do it and it looks pretty good. I put it in my safe at home just as a hardcopy backup. When the interviews come around I suppose I'll buy one of those fancy binders.

Anyway good luck

P.S. entering all of your time line by line is a pain but well worth it in the long run. It took me about twenty three hours to enter 3800 hrs.

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