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The ka-ka is gonna hit the fan

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Thats pretty good except that allah is a pagan moon god and it would be like praying to a tube of toothpaste to bless america. So he could have asked them to in fact pray to the one and only living God, the Lord Jesus Christ. However, of course if they understood that then there wouldn't be a problem to begin with.

I wasn't trying to preach but if I pointed out the wrong didn't want to have to come back later and point out the right. It was a disclaimer so to speak. You wouldn't say don't rotate at 110 and then just sit there, you would then follow it up with the correct value right?

3 words for the American Airlines captain. "Freedom of Speech". He pretty much hit the nail on the head. I am guessing he may have known some of the people slaughtered on September 11th. I unfortunately can only know them from their obituaries and websites done in their honor. Why aren't you seeing patriotic Muslims in the news? Please don't blame it on the "liberal" media...they love garbage like that.
A while back FoxNews changed their captions from "suicide bomber" to "homicide bomber" and it hit me like a rock in the head. I was thinking why haven't they called it this all along!

"... allah is a pagan moon god ..."

Uuuuh .... negative.

I'd be glad to furnish a religious history lesson but I'm afraid I'd bore everyone to death.

Rev. Thich Minh Thong
(Non-muslim ... but dislikes ignorance in all it's forms.) :D
I have flown with John on several occasions. He is top notch, both in and out of the cockpit. BTW...it is spelled caca.

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