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The Industry Looses A Leader


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Nov 27, 2001
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BTW for any of you old guys or others who really know the industry I regret to inform you that J.D. Ransome passed away a few weeks ago at his home in FL.

As far as I know every pilot that ever flew for him liked working for him and held/holds his leadership/business style in high respect. He was/is truely a pilots' pilot and will be sorely missed.

I've known J.D. since I was a little kid and will truely miss him.
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Dec 8, 2001
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Re: Mr JD Ransom/Ransom Air

It's a pitty guy's like him can't live for ever.........but it is even more shameful that the Corporate VP's & CEO's of the US Airline Industry have given up their core values and sold their soul's to the Devil for a fleeting thing as Money and Power............. Employee's have become "colateral damage" in their (CEO's) persuit of "flithy lucre" and in the end they get tossed out by their Board's just as they did us!
Gone are the days when one was happy to go to their job because the wanted too......... not because they had too, and were treated with respect both by fellow employee and employer alike.

Oh! what a short memory we have!!!