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These cops knew there were hostages and blindly fired into the vehicle? I pray for a speedy recovery for those injured, and enough to retire on for the whole family, for generations to come.
I'm usually a strong supporter of Police but I have some questions on that score myself...
Another case of over-zealous police officers. I hope they are treated the same way by the law that a civilian would in similar circumstances. If history is any gauge, the department will cover for them, quietly pay the family a few thousand dollars and let the offending officers go back to work. After all, they were "just doing their jobs". :rolleyes:
Apparently a family member disagrees with you (as well as 99% of everyone else who left a comment)

"To Soccermom and all who maybe concern about Lil Daniel, his mom and family during this unbelievable traumatic time.
Daniel need all the prayers that you can offer for him, though he is stable, he is still consider critical as he is no worse but no better, its just a watch and wait situation to see how gradually he will be able to start doing anything on his own. He also has to undergo another surgery tomorrow on his arm.

"For all those who believe the police did their job, well you just try put yourself in Jo-ann's situation with herself and children in the vehicle screaming for their lives as bullets coming from all angles at them with an already dead hijacker hanging on to her by the door and bullets are flying nonstop. The hell that our family is going through right now is unexplainable.. and for you all to write here and try to justify and go back and forth with each other about your so call take on what would have if police hadnt done this .. instead of using this time to pray for Daniel to pull through this.. this is why the family has not made any comment as yet.. we are only concern for Daniel right now!!!

May god forgive those who think that an innocent toddler deserves this just to get one bad guy who never as much as fired 1 shot!!!"
Any of you ever been in such a position before as those police officers were?
No, and that doesn't justify putting THAT MUCH fire to a car full of innocent civilians.

If that were my son laying on that hospital bed, they would need security for those officers.
And for what?

For a little bit of money.

There's more to life than a little money, you know.

Don'tcha know that?

And here ya are.

And it's a beautiful day.

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