The gift of giving!!!


Dec 16, 2001
Total Time
Ladies, Gentlemen, and Aviators,

I know Mark doesn't want to hound you all on this, but he is feeling the pressure as he doesn't want to fail the community. There are only 13 days left in the month and he needs to sign the contract with $5,000 up front on 1 Jan to keep this board guaranteed open through 2002.

There are approximately 1400 members on this board. I'd suggest we drop the expectation of $25 to $10 today. For all of you that have NOT donated yet, please do so right NOW by CLICKING HERE. Pull out the credit card, it IS secure using the well known PayPal, take a break from reading this board and donate $10 today.

That's it friends, let's just throw in $10 measly dollars if you haven't already, and let's put this baby to rest. Once Mark hits $5,000 he'll stop the donations and we can move on and discuss what we love to do best _________ (you fill in the blank)! :)

Happy Holidays to all! Remember, it's the gift of GIVING, not RECEIVING!


P.S. Once you post your donation, be sure to sign in to the Donor forum so we can proudly see who the supporters are! Cross that line, don't be one of those "others" that just take advantage of us!

Anyone seen Goose?