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Huge Member
Nov 26, 2001
The passing of Mark made me wonder about the history of this site. Would one of the co-founders or moderators please share the long story of how flightinfo.com came to be?

I met Mark once in an FBO but didn't realize who I was speaking to until he sent me a PM after my previous employer had the accident last February. He had logged some FBO time with some of our other people and was concerned about their well being. Talk about a stand-up, regular guy.

A shame for sure!
I'm a newbie and would love to hear the story too. It is so tragic that this man lost his life. My heart goes out to all who knew him.
I don't know the whole Flightinfo story. I'm sure some of my more senior moderators peers can fill in more. But once Mark's friends and family have some more time to allow the shock to pass, I'm thinking we'll all find out more on the history and the vision of Flightinfo...

I was also wondering what Mark's relationship was to flightinfo.com. Was he the person who brainstormed and began the website? Did he "run" it or monitor it's existence? What will happen to the site now?

I migrated over here after propilot.com went into lockdown mode after the mod over there, Skywest CA Bob, had a lawsuit filed against him for censoring some lowlife's flamebait. I noticed Flightinfo grow quite a bit then. This was about 5 years ago, I think.

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