The Facts about Midway?

JI Gone OH

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Apr 12, 2002
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Does anyone REALLY know? Just killing time sitting reserve, and thought I would address the rumors regarding Midway, and to see if anyone knows any real information as to the health, stability, and direction of the company. I am sure many of you JI folks received that "PRNewswire" release dated April 1, saying that Midway was going to rid themselves of the 737's, acquire RJ's, and fly as Delta Connection. The date is a little sketchy, but whoever wrote that put a lot of effort into it and made me believe it for about..... 3 seconds. If the author is on furlough, you may have found yourself an alternative career until you get your recall. Lots of other rumors floating around about the financial ruins JI is facing, so just trying to get some real clarification as to how things are in RDU.