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The FAA is sending us a message....Santa is our roll model

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Well-known member
May 1, 2006
FAA Gives Santa Thumbs-Up for Takeoff

WASHINGTON — Federal Aviation Administration chief Randy Babbitt braved snow, ice and foggy conditions at North Pole International Airport to give Santa Claus and his sleigh a thumbs-up for the jolly old pilot’s traditional round-the-world Christmas Eve mission.
During a 90-minute check ride, Administrator Babbitt made sure Santa can properly execute the demanding maneuvers and precision rooftop landings inherent in making toy deliveries. He also checked that the sleigh’s deicing equipment, reindeer propulsion system and communications and navigation systems are working properly. In addition, the Administrator verified Santa has policies in place to guarantee he and his elves will have a proper rest period before the long, all-night mission.
While the elves will have WiFi inflight internet access, St. Nick stressed he will strictly enforce his longstanding ban on distractions in the cockpit.
“Santa and his crew have always shown extraordinary professionalism in the cockpit,” said FAA Administrator Babbitt “I’m certain they’ll pull off the flight without a hitch.”
This year, Santa has several Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) technology improvements at his disposal to make the annual trip safer and more fuel-efficient.
For example, North Pole International Airport boasts a new ASDE-X ground surveillance radar system to help St. Nick avoid marauding polar bears and the occasional Grinch. Santa’s sleigh (registration N0EL) boasts all the necessary electronics to use Area Navigation (RNAV) and Required Navigation Performance (RNP), approaches the FAA has in place to help Santa easily reach children’s homes. The sleigh also has an Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) component that pinpoints its position for air traffic controllers and other aircraft throughout the flight.
Mindful of environmental issues, Santa has incorporated several Earth-friendly features this year. Rudolph’s bright red nose and the sleigh’s warning and decorative lights are all powered by energy-saving LEDs.

....Is it just me or did the FAA kinda bash the airline pilots in this press release?
I am not sure.....

-But I am sure that press release is absolutely the biggest pile of drunken monkey vomit I have ever seen.

Every single pilot who thought the new administrator would be a "non-tool" really, really needs to see what their complete asshat of an administrator dreamed up.

-Damn it.
My question is; how much is the person paid who puts this crap out?

Probably written by the administrator himself, or one of his high level cronies. So someone making over 300k/yr is getting paid to spend probably about 2 days coming up with a Christmas memo which showcases all of the improvements the FAA is "trying" to make.

Thank you FAA! You all are TRYING so hard. We the general public really appreciate your hard work out here as we continue to fly while you ignore the ntsb's most wanted list for yet another year. You're awesome!
and just think of santas safety record--- flawless- always passes his checkride b/c the kiddies get their presents------ oh that's right HE'S NOT REAL

he doesnt bitch about a union b/c he's got a monopoly
he doesnt have a boss- unless you consider mrs claus his
noone else can tell him how to fly b/c noone else is sleigh qualified

insert many other santa/airline-isms
"to promote and regulate"
They already sent their msg when Babbit was appointed. They figured he got nothing done with ALPA so he sure as hell won't hurt the airlines by trying to come up with new rules, that might hurt airlines

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