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New member
Feb 2, 2002
Northwest has the best domicile choices. Memphis has so much to do. There is no crime or poverty. But Detroit and Minneapolis are even greater. The winters are so warm and pleasurable. Not to mention that the cost of living is so cheap there. They are all great choices, I just don't know which one to go to.

I love riding on brand new DC9's right out of the factory. The -10 models are really new.

The schedules for commuting are really convienient since the last flights into domiciles leave around 4-5pm. Who wants to have flights into domicile every hour-on the hour all the way up to 10-11pm like Delta.
Don't worry, soon the -10s will be replaced by 70 seat RJs. Then you'll really have something to cry about.
The bad thingaabout CRJs is that they're so quiet, you don't know they've got ya until they're halfway up your a**.

would you like to trade. I commute from my couch to my lazyboy and I set the schedule.
Don't forget all those beautiful fat chick F/A's from the midwest that Northworst hires. They are so much nicer to look at than the hot southern girls from Dallas, Atlanta, and Houston at AA, DAL, and CAL.
What difference does it make what the F/A's look like post 9/11 anyway. Its a hassle for the pilot to take a leak now with all the new security.

If you can't flirt with the F/A's then what good is the job anyway (wink).

Oh, to have been a Boeing 707 Captain in the 60's. Now that was a flying job!
it must suck to have a job...
The 170+ DC-9s at NWA are paid for, replace them with RJs? The joke is when NWA retires its fleet of A-319s/A-320s to the boneyard, a DC-9 crew will pick up the Airbus crew. I see them around at least another 10-15 years.

There's a brand new $1.2 Billion terminal, 97 new gates, at Detroit to open 24 February 2002. RJs will have jetways too...

New 10,000 ft 4th parallel runway at Detroit as of December 2001.

NWA didn't lose over a billion like Delta, United, and USAir. ($423 Million loss in 2001).

Many other airlines deferred aircraft delivery in 2002. NWA has 60 new birds this year and financing in place for aircraft deliveries through 2005 except for the A-330. It's hard to believe, but NWA will have over 150 A-319/A-320s in a year.

Detroit, Memphis, and Minneapolis--forgot Narita and Amsterdam too. Who else would want these hubs. That's a good thing when it comes to competition. NWA does a good job in bad weather. 98.2% completion factor in January's winter.

Agreement with F/As hehe. Since furlough, no young ones left!

As you can see "Northworst" is not really the worst. I find it hard "Northworst" works for NWA. Many of the majors are struggling now, but when the good times come back, NWA, Delta, American, and United WILL prosper again.
bigr said:
Oh, to have been a Boeing 707 Captain in the 60's. Now that was a flying job!

You sure got that right! ;)

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