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The best ANG/AFRES fighter units?

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Active member
Dec 6, 2001
Just for curiosity’s sake, I wanted to pick the brains of some of the experienced fighter guys concerning which ANG/AFRES units are currently viewed, or have the history of being viewed, as a top-notch unit? It seems that there are definitely gaps when comparing one unit to the next.

If I was to ask a pilot from any ANG/AFRES unit to name the top units in the country, would he/she have to think about it, or is there a general knowledge/perception in the fighter community as to which ones are the best?

Feel free to comment on the tanker/transport/helo community as well.

best units

Although I can't really say which units are better than others, I can say that some seem to get a lot of publicity and tasking, and are harder to get into, such as Buckley, CO., South Carolina, and AFRES at Carswell, TX.
I forgot to add the request that when providing a reply, please state any reasons behind your opinions, ie. *why* you feel certain units are better than others.

I am under the impression that Buckley is a highly *political* environment....? Maybe a contributing factor for the publicity, the tasking and the difficulty of getting in?
I'd say the best unit would be the one that
hires you!!

The only best unit I know of is the Hurricane
Hunters at Keesler AFB. That's because we're the
only unit who does that mission.

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