The application process at EJA???


Jan 31, 2002
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I have a quick question for all you EJA guys. How does the application process work? I sent in a resume, and got the automated responce telling me I will hear something by March 15. I also went to the NetJets website, have tried a couple of times to fill out the application there, but it won't take it. I keep getting an error message when I hit submit. Am I an idiot, or just missing something here? Thanks for the help.....

Hugh Jorgan

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Nov 25, 2001
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I filled out the online resume and was sent the same type of response telling me to follow up if I had not received an application by mid-January. In mid-January, my application showed up. Have copies of your current state drivers license record ready to include with your application. I had to wait an extra week awaiting my driving record. Good Luck


Jan 29, 2002
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I sent my email resume in on 1-25-02. Recieved the following note on 1/25/01:

"Dear Pilot applicant,
Due to the large volume of email/resumes/applications/phone calls that we are currently receiving, we are unable to personally respond or verify receipt of your email.
If you receive this, you can be assured that we got your email.
We will be hiring pilots to start in 2002, currently our interview classes are full through March of 2002.
If you sent an attached resume, thank you.
If you do not receive an application by March15, 2002, you may resend an updated resume at that time."

Thanks for the Driver's License tip!
Any other recommendation?

I plan to bring a copy of my app. to Air Inc in L.A. if I don't recieve a call prior to the seminar.

I hope with over 4k hrs of corp flying, 3 types including CE500 and HS125, and about 5 months of full time "EJA Hawker Program" experience (for a full time p.135 support co.),,,, well I'm hoping to get a call, join the team, and get back to work - for a more secure organization!

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.