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Thanks for the Memories


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Dec 10, 2001
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Is this a J4J career improvement from ALPA's perspective?

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Dear CCAir Employees:

It is with great regret that I inform you that Piedmont Airlines will be
taking over CCAir's remaining Dash 8 flying in Charlotte. I have attached a
letter that was sent to the Piedmont employees today. This change will take
effect in the November schedule. Unless CCAir can secure new business prior
to November 2002, CCAir will cease operations once the hand-over is

What is most frustrating about this announcement is the CCAIR pilots had
made great strides towards providing the company with the cost
competitiveness it needed to garner new business necessary to ensure our
survival. It is shameful the company was not able to utilize this ratified
contract for new business opportunities with USAIRWAYS and other major
carriers. Both ALPA and AFA have wrongly insisted over the past two years
that this day would never come. ALPA called it "absurd" that the lack of a
signed contract was in anyway impacting CCAir's ability to get new flying,
and AFA just sent a letter to the flight attendants telling them not to
listen to "doomsday" rumors from the company. I am deeply sorry that the
reality of the situation proves otherwise.

Although ALPA and AFA have consistently called my candid warnings "threats",
I will continue to tell you the reality of our situation so that you can
best decide how to plan your future. Here are the facts: the regional
airline industry is converting to cost-plus regional jet contracts. As the
name implies this requires carriers like us to be cost competitive. Please
understand that CCAIR is not the only airline facing this issue. Employees
at many carriers are hearing the same basic message. In the attached letter,
John Leonard, President of Piedmont, wrote to his employees:

"At Piedmont, efforts to reduce our operating costs through pay and work
rule changes are ongoing but time is running out if we are going to be a
competitive company in the future."

Not only do we need a competitive cost structure, but we also need to be
able to maintain that competitive cost structure over a period of time. US
Airways has expressed serious concerns about placing any regional jets at
companies that do not have long-term labor cost competitive contracts in
place. CCAir currently has three open labor contracts.

Between now and November if CCAir can put itself in a position where it can
effectively compete, we will do so aggressively. In the meantime, I ask for
your assistance in effecting an orderly transfer to Piedmont. As always, you
are welcome to call or stop by the General Offices, and I will answer any
questions you might have.


Carter Leake President, CCAir Inc.

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Jul 29, 2002
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Little_Bill said:
Although ALPA and AFA have consistently called my candid warnings "threats", I will continue to tell you the reality of our situation so that you can best decide how to plan your future.

And then he talks about how everything'll be okay if something changes before November. The "carrot on a stick."

Still sounds like a threat...the ultimate threat, to be sure...to me.