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Thanks For Bringing Some Pride Back To Our Profession, Jet Blue

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Active member
Jan 30, 2004
Congratulations to the crew of Jet Blue flight #292 and to your company for doing an excellent job in safely landing your aircraft in Los Angeles tonight. I watched the whole thing unfold in what turned out to be a flawless landing under a situation in which they did not expect or make happen. Congratulations! You made me and the rest of the the industry airline pilots very proud of you.
Ditto, outstanding job. Now it's time for JB pilots to turn around and demand to be paid a respectable salary commensurate with their skill and responsibility.
Must have been Flipper. Until told otherwise...GREAT JOB FLIPPER!
isn't it nice?

You know, so many times you read a lot of anger and mistrust on this board between pilots. Then when times get tough and sticky, its really nice to read pilots coming together and supporting the profession no matter what company they work for. Nice job guys, Keep it up!

No it wasn't Flipper.
Someone please get these guys a beer! Great Job!!!!!!!
My hat is off to them for doing a great job!

That said I would expect each of you qualified in the A320 to do the exact same thing. In fact everyday at every airline, people just like each of you handle abnormals with no fan fare, but a beer when you get to the hotel.

My hats off to those crews too.

Too bad they don't get some good press also.
FreightNazi said:
I heard on TV that the crew did an autolanding, that's why it looked so good.

They held it off the runway for quite a while, and i doubt that autoland would have done that. Most autoland systems I have seen kind of plop it down...
He's flaming away as usual. Except for the fact that in his case, it does require an autoland to make him look good.
Hey, hey....It could have been me...;)

Except my landing, given my normal "firm" arrivals, would have likely shocked the civilized world. CNN would have called up a video of a seismometer in Japan flickering from the impact. Small planetoids would have been thrust from their orbits. Barnyard animals would have fled. Rain and pestilence may have overrun the land...

But I am certainly proud of my bros--and company--tonight!

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