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Thank you Pinnacle pilots...

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I'm open! I'm open!
Jan 12, 2005
I had to commute home to MSP today and the direct flights were booked solid as usual (by the way, how much money does NWA lose on a full flight?). I decided to try my chances through a connect to RST. Only problem was, the CRJ was scheduled to arrive 5 minutes after the Saab left to MSP.

I spoke with Captain Paul and FO Ryan, and they told me they would see what they could do. Not only did we arrive 20 minutes early, they ACARsed RST and told them I was on board and to try and hold the Saab. I was able to make it back to MSP about the same time as the direct flight out of DTW I wanted to originally take!

Kudos guys!
  Captain Paul and FO Ryan


I hope these two nice fellow's aren't Gulfstreamers, it will ruin their reputation!!!!
what he didn't tell you is that after he got off, captain paul proceeded to do a hot refuel right in front of a northwest captain. fo ryan was too busy fumbling with his backpack while making out with the flight attendant right in the middle of the ramp. they were so distracted they forgot to get deiced with type iv.
Great job. That's the way it should be.

I just did the same commute through OKC on XJ. Silly little 2 hour delay in DTW, but at least I got home 10 hours after I started trying. Commuting is for the birds.

Anyone else think the DTW-MSP and MSP-DTW flights are absolutely out of control?
Take the Avro through AZO. That's what I did the last few months of commuting to and from DTW. My last commuter trip was at the end of July. The company had to positive space me (thanks to the call in honest policy) from MSP to DTW and on my last commute home, the flights were so full that PARS didn't show a single direct flight available from 3PM on. I did DTW-AZO-MSP, sat first class both legs, and was home by 8:30pm. Usually the DTW - AZO is fairly full (there's always the JS since no one seems to try this route), and the second leg to MSP is wide open. Plus you don't have to beg for a ride from NWA mainline which for me is worth the 45 minute gound time in AZO.

I don't care what airline you work for, our FA's and most of our gate agents would rather put a crew member in first class than a platinum elite any day.

Just my $.02 and it's not even worth half that.

MBS also had a flight to MSP


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