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Thank you Discovery Channel

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Warp this...
Apr 16, 2002
In spite of all the misinformed news shows lately...especially thanks to our America West buddies, Discovery Channel aired an excellent program on in-flight emergencies Friday night. It focused on the brilliant performance of several flight crews who by their actions saved hundreds of lives.
Among the incidents highlighted were the British Airways 747 that lost all 4 engines after an encounter with volcanic ash over the Pacific and the Piedmont 737 that had its gear stuck up by chocks left in the wheel wells. The Captain made three attempts to "bounce" the stuck main gear out of the well. He eventually bellied it onto the runway...you could see him jump from the cockpit window and run around to assist the passengers down the slide. It was incredible. It was very well done and really highlighted professional flight crews at their best.
Duhz...i didn't watch it!
What was the title? (go hunt for it) :p

Any chance of them reshowing it?
That's nice, but I just saw a Discovery Channel show about general aviation that wasn't so nice. It was full of incorrect statements, and never told the fact that GA accidents are way down. I don't fly much GA anymore, but you know when non-pilots see stuff like that, they get scared of any planes smaller than a 747.

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