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Texas Motor Speedway

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KC-10 Driver

Well-known member
Feb 24, 2002
I made a post here several months ago asking for advice about taking my son to Dover for the NASCAR races. Well, my schedule never allowed us to go.

Now, I definitely have the time off, and I want to take him to the Texas Motor Speedway next month -- I will probably try to get tickets for the Craftsman Truck Series race.

I have never been to any races, and my son is 7. He is a big fan. So, here is my question...

What seats should I try to get: Pit, Upper or Lower; or Backstretch, Upper or Lower? Which would be best for a young, first time fan?

Also, should I consider the Busch or Nextel races? How are they different? I know next to nothing about NASCAR (I grew up watching Formula 1 -- but I will have an open mind!).

Any other tips or advice will be greatly appreciated.
Middle of the front stretch up high is where your going to see the most action on the track. Get a pit pass, its cool to see the cars up close. Busch will be cheaper (think minor leagues) but they are similar and you'll not know the difference between the two.
I agree with mnixon. I usually hit the Texas race every year. Down close to the track, its going to be VERY loud, and breezy. Plus, you'll get little pieces of rubber in your beer! I think the higher the seats, the better. If your just going down for the day, the truck race is cool, but I would go to the Busch series on Sat. Like mnixon said, if your not a big fan, it will be about the same to you. If your going to camp out for the weekend, I usually go to all three races. Just as a suggestion, I've got some of the best seats by going down there an hour before the race, and buying tix that someone is trying to get rid of. Never fails. Another plus is that its alot easier to get in and out of TMS on a Friday or Sat. If you go to a Sun. race, plan on about a 4 hr traffic jam. Have fun!;)

P.S. If ya can, get the pit passes. The kid will love that!

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