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Terror Alert May Increase During The 4th

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Well-known member
Jun 25, 2002
Alrighty good people… for those of you, like me who will be working over the fourth, take note.


Hightened Alert - Terror Alert Color Code May Increase During July Fourth Week


Hightened Alert
Terror Alert Color Code May Increase During July Fourth Week

June 28 — Government officials will discuss boosting the national color-coded terror alert from yellow to the more critical orange during next week's Fourth of July holiday festivities, law enforcement sources told ABCNEWS.
The current Homeland Security Color Advisory Code of yellow indicates that federal authorities believe there is a serious, increased and predictable threat of terrorist activity. Orange indicates that a terrorist threat is more critical and may be likely to be carried out.
Under orange, armed forces and law enforcement agencies coordinate various security measures as extra precautions are taken at public events. Law enforcement officials prepare to work at alternate sites or with forces that are dispersed in various locations. Certain areas are restricted to essential personnel only.

However, sources tell ABCNEWS, regardless of whether the terror color code is upgraded, government officials plan to increase security measures around the country on Monday, July 1. Extra security steps will be taken in cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.

Officials also told ABCNEWS the Pentagon is preparing to dramatically increase its combat air patrols over about a dozen U.S. cities during the holiday week.

High Level of ‘Chatter’

The Bush administration had scaled back on combat air patrols in recent months because of expense and the toll it was taking on both the planes and the pilots. Officials said the increased patrols and security measures next week are not responses to an specific threats but rather a "high level of chatter," or intelligence intercepts, indicating a high level of activity by al Qaeda and other terrorist cells.

Here is a review of the five colors of the terror color-code system, from the lowest to highest levels of alert:

Green — Normal. This signifies there is a low risk of terrorist attack.

Blue — Guarded. This will signify a continuing general threat of terrorist activity.

Yellow — Serious. Yellow indicates an increased and predictable threat of terrorist activity.

Orange — Critical. This will warn that a terrorist threat may be likely.

Red — Severe. Terrorist activity on a specific target may be imminent under this warning.

ABCNEWS' Pierre Thomas in Washington and Chris Vlasto contributed to this report
I just wonder if these people are getting a big kick out of us jumpinng through hoops and running around like headless chickens for nothing. That is one way to wear your enemy down. I believe they are a threat, but with the media constantly telling us to be on more alert every other day. Eventually someone will call wolf and no-one will listen. That's when we will all be in big trouble. The ultimate psychological game.
It's a big case of CYA. If the government warns us about every little thing - eventually they'll be right. But that's cool - we don't want to get back to feeling invincible like we did prior to 9/11. Well, at least I don't.
The element of surprise is what made the 9/11 attacks as severe as they were. Does anybody think an attack would really happen during a national holiday, when we are supposedly on our toes?we need to be smarter and more realistic.

the only way to prevent terrorism is to change the perpetrators mind.
s.o.sJTB said:
the only way to prevent terrorism is to change the perpetrators mind.

I couldn't agree more! Unfortunately, that is not what our country is trying to do.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."
Nice patriotic words while all the real trouble was somewhere else. Now that the real world has breached our shores we'll see if we can rise to the challenge that those words demand. I hope we don't need another sobering punch in the gut to take all this seriously.
As for changing the minds of our enemies, those people are still pi$$ed about the Crusades and living in the eleventh century. I don't think reason or diplomacy will work with that mindset. Maybe your concept is correct, but unfortunately it won't happen by sitting around the campfire, holding hands and singing kumbaya. Their minds will only be changed by utter and complete defeat, if at all. And then, if they ever cry uncle, maybe we can help them come into the 21st century and join the civilized world. We helped rebuild Germany and Japan, but only after their utter defeat and destruction. Let us not forget the lessons of history.

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