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Tell me about your first solo flight

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Nov 25, 2001
Just wouldn't mind hearing what everyone has to say about their first solo flight. My CFI just gave me the pre-solo written exam to take home and study today, so I will take mine within my next 2-3 lessons. The butterflies are showing up a little, but I know I'll be all right. How did you all handle that?

Any other advice would be appreciated.

My instructor jumped out of the plain after a full stop landing, told me to do what I had just done 3 more times and come to the hanger.

He didn't give me any notice ahead of time. Kinda glad he did it that way.

You'll do just fine. And don't forget to wear some shirts you don't mind being without to the next few lessons.
my 1st solo on video

I pretty much knew when I was going solo.
I got my father to videotape the whole thing <3 of the best landing I have ever made>. I have since watched the video frame by frame analyzing the whole thing., all I came up with.........I finally soloed!!!!!
I haven't watched it for for quite awhile but it is good to know that I have it on film for my later years.....
Goodluck, you will love it!
It is normal to be nervous with the first solo.....Think of how it must feel for your CFI, he/she is putting their licenses on the line hoping you don't screw up

Have fun,let us know how you do
From the instructor perspective, it is normal for the student to be nervous. If the student is REALLY nervous, then what i would do is give them the pre-solo written, then in the next lesson or so, just have them pull inot the ramp and jump out!!

If they know its coming that lesson, they are more apt to be nervous and probably fly worse because the nerves. Once they realize what just happened, and are going to go solo, you are out of the plane waving bye to them!!

All the students that i diid this too did fine, they realized that it was not as bad as they thought.

My instructor did the same. We were doing some pattern work and taxied back to the FBO. He got out and said go do 3 tol's. I was nervous and excited at the same time. It was almost 7 years ago and I can remember it like it was last week.

You will do fine and congrats.
My solo was on a windy day, with a nasty gust every so often. I was in a Cherokee 140.

My Dad had told me that when I look over after takeoff and see that other seat, it will look incredibly empty. Actually, it made me smile.

I went missed on the first approach as a gust made me pop up on short final. Better safe than sorry. Three more and the deal was done. What a buzz!
1st solo

I just accidentally posted the response below as a new thread instead of a reply. It goes to show, if I can solo, you can solo, no problem...

I agree with all of the above. If you think about it from the instructors point of view, they will not let you solo until they are absolutely rock solid sure you are ready. Generally they try and down play the event. You will be nervous, but remember to savor the experience. It will be one of the great moments in your flying life. You'll do fine.
First solo

Twenty years and two months ago and I remember it as clear as yesterday.

I had my day job and it was a very hectic Monday. I was working something like a 5 am to 2 pm shift, but got out late and was stressed and in a big rush. So, I didn't have time to get work out of my mind and to relax. Normally, I met my instructor at the airplane at 5. Somehow, I just knew I would solo that day. We flew to the field and practiced touch and goes. He told me to taxi to the ramp. I think he asked how I'd like to try it myself. He told me to do three touch and goes. I remember being nervous as he11 and did another runup, although he got out with the engine running (not a good safety idea). Then, I took the runway, advanced the throttle, and took off. I remember whooping for joy as the airplane climbed. I continued around the pattern and on final I was a little aprehensive because my landings had been inconsistent, but safe. Not to worry. I landed just fine and did it twice more.

I had wondered if I'd ever solo. I tell ya, it's the best feeling . . . . . and part of the pleasure is telling your friends, your parents, those who support the idea of you learning to fly, that you soloed.

Now, let's fast-forward this discussion. Wait until you become a flight instructor and solo out your first student. It's nerve-wracking. You wonder if your student is really ready. But, he does just fine, and it's not simply the best feeling, just the greatest feeling . . . almost as good as when you soloed, but it's different, somehow. More of a feeling of gratification and satisfaction, and the process coming full circle. That something you were given you are giving. And, this same feeling returns every time you solo a student.

Enjoy your solo. You will. I guarantee it.
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I was amazed at the climb rate in the 152.

Much more interesting than the solo was the first cross country and long cross country.

I did my long cross country in North Georgia. Because I lived in Florida, I was completely unfamiliar with the cities and landmarks. It was quite an adventure because I visited places on my own where I had never been before.

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