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Telford Aviation?????

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Stay away from Telford

Just what I've heard from their (former) pilots...

Being forced to fly in reported severe icing. Flying aircraft with known mechanical problems that shouldn't be flown.

Overall a bad experience is what I gathered from the conversation.

If you have to do it, do it for a short time. The last time I heard, they had a one year training contract for the Caravan. So you'd be there for at least that without having to pay them back for at least part of the training.

Otherwise, I'd steer clear.

ah Maine, the way life should be <cough, cough>.
They're not so bad, they operate close to 30-some Caravans, also one or two Beech 99's, but they won't be around forever, don't plan on ever flying them. As for the conditions, well, it's single-engine, single-pilot, IFR in the Northeast, every night, on a UPS contract. It's not for the faint of heart. On the other side of the coin, management will always pressure, but i've never heard of a termination because somebody refused to fly. They've had a couple incidents lately, one of which was arguably pilot-judgment related. Under the scrutiny they find themselves, I'm sure pilots have yet more latitude in the go/nogo department. If you're looking for "happening" domiciles, well ever been to Presque Isle? :)
Telford Av

If you don't want to fly cargo for them you could always do the island runs off of Rockland (RKD). They fly passengers and freight out to some really beautiful islands usually in a C206. The landing strips are short and the ocean breezes always make for a fun yet bumpy landing.
They did damage 2 Caravans over the holiday season, one in Auburn-Lewiston (LEW) and one a short time later in Waterville (WVL).

I used to work for a company that worked out of MHT as well as Telford. They are like any other 135 cargo operator. The good comes with the bad. The caravans are not in that bad of shape but all caravans suck in icing. The pay is fair for the work that you do. 4 nights a week with your days off. If you are in the start of your career or sitting home on furlough then if they are close go for it. You will meet some good guys and perhaps some contact for a better job in the future.
Good Luck
I don't know about the operation but I use to live in RKD before Telford showed up. A friend of mine is a Chief Pilot in RKD and he is a super guy. I don't believe he would ever push someone beyond their limits and abilities. Perhaps if you can't handle the type of flying they do they may ask you to go seek employment elsewhere. Anyone who has ever flown into Matinicus or Vinalhaven knows what I mean.

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