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Tech Question for Flight Options folks -

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Well-known member
Dec 12, 2001
I'm curious about your jeppview system...

do you have any comments about it good or bad? Who makes the hardware and are they approved for Part 135? as according to Jeppesen's License Agreement - they are not for air carrier use... so how does this work? do you still have to carry paper charts? are they mentioned in your Ops Specs? or how are they approved?

feel free to post here - or send me a message if you've got any input or answers...

and if your cuirous about that license agreement - read it yourself at http://www.jeppesen.com/download/misc/FD_Lic_Agree.pdf

thanks for your help...
Jepp View

I flew in a paperless cockpit in my former companies Sabre 65. I did all the reasearch into the purchising of the unit and the applicable FAR's.

I can answer from a part 91 stand point. All you need is applicable representation of the approach. That means that a napkin works so long as it is based on current data. We used the Fitichu touchscreen computer from ADR in Houston, TX they are the company that imports them into the US and are $1000's LESS then any one else in the market.

I loved it, it cut down on the weight of charts in our aircraft and the updating time. All you use is your Jepp View CD. The agreement I believe says that you'll only us one CD per Aircraft.

As far as a 135 reg. I THINK (repeat I THINK) Flight Options had a letter from the FAA to try out the paperless cockpit and it has sence been resended. I THINK.

We installed a 110ac outlet in our cockpit to keep the computer pluged in during flight and therefore fully charged. When you left the aircraft is the good news is you had a regular computer; complete with modem and Windows. I used it to go online and keep my log book up to date. The computer has an infrared sensor on it that you can use to comunicate with a printer.

I hope that answers any of your questions.

I loved the unit, it worked flawlessly.
As a 91 operator Flight Options doesnt need approval for a paperless cockpit. 135 operators do
but what about for 135 operators...

for part 91, I figured it would be a snap... but isn't Flight Options operating with it both Pt91 and Pt135? what is the approval for that?

as so you understand my agenda I'm trying to push our corporate flight department (which operates Pt135 for financial reasons) in the same way, and I would love to hear some details about how to get this through our POI before I go meet with him about it...

thanks again for your help with this... I'm just looking for some ideas.
For Part 135 just keep a cheap set of NOS charts on board then you dont need to worry about any approvals
Yes they are aproved under Flight Options 135 cert. Their just has to be 2 on each aircraft. We love them. I have heard its real easy to get them approved 135, easyer than carrying a case of nos charts, to much waisted space.
wrong company

I wrote that APR is the company and I made a mistake, they're the expensive compition. You want Approach View and talk with John Navratil or Jim Frost. If you won't for $200.00 you can try a unit for one week (the $200 goes to purchase price if you buy inside of 30 days).

The unit was $3500 if I remember correctly. You get rid of all your full service Q service for the country and just get the disk and the eroute charts and save $500/yr on charts (we had Q servive for US, S. Amer, C. Amer, Can/Alaska). FYI Jepp. makes serious profits on the CD's (much more then they do on the paper) and wants to go all paperless if they can.

I work at EJA and we have been addressing this concept for a couple of years. I have seen the Options units and they all seem to like them. We are trying to move in this direction, BUT we could not get 135 approval for them yet. Options got a letter from their POI allowing them to do it. At the same time, the FAA in D.C. was coming out with guidance for a paperless cockpit. Options did everything right, just the Feds standard confusion. They lost the certificate and very shortly had it reinstated because they did get approval from the FAA. After the fact, all other 135 operators have been told to standby while a "workgroup" tries to establish guidelines for the future. EJA is involved in that group along with UAL and AA, jeppesen, and several manufacturers. The goal is more than just a paperless cockpit, but an EFB, Electronic Flight Bag. MELs, GOMs, FCPMs, and company forms and reports all stored and acceptable to the Feds.
That is the latest "rumors" from several sources at EJA. I say rumors because unless I am at the meeting with the FAA that all it is.
I think many people are going around this by keeping a set of current paper plates onboard, while using an electronic version for day to day ops.
Slim, The latest thing I heard (upstairs) was they were "told" to have them in the aircraft by the end of the year (100% papreless). I guess time will tell...again.

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