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Teamsters at Flight Options?

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Well-known member
Mar 30, 2002
Anyone have any information how the Teamsters organization drive is going at Flight Options?
I know of only a few guys getting letters from the teamsters.

I am sure things are going to get interesting in the next few months.
Isn't that way FO bought RTA? To get away from the union attempt. Also I toought that when Fo annouced they were buying RTA. Ken Ricci made it clear that he didn't want a union anywhere near FO. Any FO pilots out there that can chime in on this one.
Let the games begin.

Ricci wont be happy. He will fight tooth and nail to stop it.

My card is in the mail today.

Over 20 RTA guys have been canned since the merger.

I am an FO guy.

During the merger Ricci made some comments which violated the RLA. He quickly had to back peddle.
Well Good luck and hope everything turns out for the better for all sides.

Speaking of FO. Are they still doing some hiring? I had a guy that walked in my resume. I haven't heard anything from them. I am not real close to the guy that walked in my resume. So I don't hear from him much and when I do he doesn't seem to know much about the hiring.
I met a Flight Options pilot yesterday that told me about the Teamsters letter. He wasn't sure what he was going to do yet, he just wanted the company to settle down in the midst of some major friction between the Flight Options and RTA pilots. Is this still happening? I thought everyone would just be happy to have jobs.

What's the general feeling at Flight Options right now? Do the pilots want the union or not?

It's safe to say the Union isn't discussed much in public at Flight Options. I've only flown with the former RTA guys, they have mixed opinions about it. That U word gets people the boot lately, so it doesn't get mentioned too much. I don't talk about it with my fellow pilots unless they bring it up. Don't want to bring up any sore subjects.
Primarily, the ex-RTA pilots got the letters from the Teamsters. Most FO, Inc pilots I have spoken with have not received any letter from the IBT. This is just an attempt by the IBT to stir the pot. There has been no legal approval for a Union representation vote. If the IBT obtains approval for a vote, then we'll do it and prove that they are not wanted here by the majority. If it were a different Union, it may be a different story.
FracPilot said:
If the IBT obtains approval for a vote, then we'll do it and prove that they are not wanted here by the majority. If it were a different Union, it may be a different story.

Guys, as an unbiased observer, allow me to add a few considerations before you "blow off" the IBT. Which, I might add, would be a major mistake! I was a little weary about the IBT at first too, now I have no problems with the idea at all. As far as OUR Local is concerned, they are a great resource.

It's not the IBT that will be running your show, it will be YOUR elected MEC, (Your pilots). You appoint an attorney. The local is providing negotiating skill and guidance. Does anyone doubt that the IBT can negotiate?

What about ALPA? ALPA has basically said they want nothing to do with the "little guys." Their loss. By the time they realize what they have passed up, it will be too late. Many of us at NJA wouldn't want ALPA now anyway. We have too much invested with the Local 284 now.

I have no bad feelings toward OPS LLC, but from listening to OPS pilots, reading Ricci's propaganda, and posts on this board, it is obvious from an outside observer that you guys NEED representation. Do keep in mind, that your first contract is not likely to be a cure all. It has taken NJA (EJA) many years and several MECs to get us to where we are on the NEW contract.
Don't fall for the argument some folks say on this board, "look what has the IBT done for EJA, low pay." Don't look at the wall, look at "the big picture." If our deal was so bad there wouldn't be so many people trying to get in the door, including a lot of OPS and Flex pilots. All under the OLD contract.

Good luck in your endeavors.
NJA Capt

The IBT that is trying to muscle in at Flight Options is not the same Local that represents EJA. EJA is represented by 284 and the hucksters trying to get in at Flight Options is Local 747.

As a matter of fact EJA voted down 747 and instead went with 284

Their record is well known as they represent pilots at Arrow Air, Chattaqua, Kalitta, and other groups that got the royal screwing. They are a lowly bunch of scum that threaten widows and children for back dues and have generally never benefitted any group they represent.

Check out this web site for a list of achievements by IBT 747


I think the union vote would turn out differently if any group other than IBT 747 were the choice but unfortunately the way the RLA works the pilots do not have a choice unless they first vote down 747 and then solicit representation by 284 or another union. Only one union will be on the ballot and wether the pilots vote for IBT or "Other Union" they still end up with Local 747
flydog said:

As a matter of fact EJA voted down 747 and instead went with 284

Yes, I have heard of the 747s popularity (sarcasm). We where already members of the #284 when the #747 tried to assimilate us a few years ago. We never had to "vote them down," however. Our MEC handled that issue. After the Int'l IBT and the 747 realized the pilots here (even back then) would control ALL union elections because we outnumbered all other 747 pilot bodies combined, they backed off. We would have been able to alter the Local 747 representatives too, not just the MEC. (Something you could consider also.)

Could you guys apply for rep from a CGF Local IBT????

Good luck :)

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