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Tax Deductions

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Nov 26, 2001
If any one is thinking of having there tax return done professionally, check out www.Tax4crews.com. Their specialty is flight crews and their prices are real reasonable. Union dues, uniform upkeep, insurance, Medicals/Eye care, Training, Moving expenses, cell phone, tips, per-diem, job search, phone calls on the road, etc. all deductable. You can request their tax organizer on the web site.
Tax deductions

Excellent post. Don't forget, type ratings are tax-deductable. So are professional magazines and dues to professional aviation organizations. I dunno if AOPA qualifies as a regular deduction or charitable contribution.
I believe sex changes are legal to deduct also...as they will help "further" your career with UAL.

It's a joke people so don't get too bent out of shape.

AOPA qualifies as a aviation organization. Also,FYI, you only need receipts for things and items over $75 per event. i.e., You could go to the dry cleaner 3 times a day if you want and if it cost you $65 per visit...you can deduct $195 for the day and you don't need a receipt. You just make a note of it, like in you're Red Book.
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Crash pad

Can I deduct my crash pad. Its in Chicago and I run it like a business, it's a lot work on the side!?
Crash pad deduction

Although I have an accounting degree, did my own taxes for years and am familiar with many deductions, I am 99.999% certain you cannot deduct the crash pad. It boils down to the question of what qualifies as your primary residence.

Sorry :( . Maybe others might have more insight.
Hey Saabtrash don't apologize for the truth! You had me rolling around on the floor laughing my arse off!!!!
Crash Pad

you right! can't deduct crash pad. But I know a lot of people that do.
I also heard of people deducting there TV cable because they use it as a source for a weather brief.
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Crash pad and cable

Hope the folks who deduct the pad never get audited.

I'd opine the cable deduction is legit. Look at it this way. I used to know of many people who used to watch Aviation Weather on early morning PBS. I see no difference.

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