Tattoo Hinderance #2

Toy Soldier

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Jan 5, 2002
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I must say that overall, my tattoos have HELPED me greatly in all of my achievments. This is because folks will take a "harder" look at me, then get to know me better. Also, I excell in my performance which "shocks" people causing them to be "impressed" with me! It's true!

I have only had a few times in my life where I could see the dumbass coming out of someone's expressions, tones, etc... But then, I have seen the same reactions when they find out that I am former military as well!

After all, I got to, AND THROUGH officer candidate school in the Army, was always voted "top leader" of any of my training courses, etc. I did this when there were senior officers TRYING desperately to "keep me out"-since I didn't look the "part"!!!

NEway, I appreciate the input. It's too late to do anything about some of the tats.... but like I said, I have to be BETTER, MORE PREPARED, and more PROFESSIONAL than my competition to get selected I suppose.

Again, thanx fellow-drivers.
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