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Tanned, Rested, Ready... Fred Reid unveils Virgin America

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At 2:02 pm the journey (for the lowest pay rates ever) began.

Now that is an assumption, but I bet a good one. Any numbers out there?
The website isn't advertising for pilot positions, I guess the FlyI deal is going to be the way they get up and going?
sat74 said:
Found this burried in this forum:

In a 12/07/04 proposal to the State of CA, Virgin America lists its proposed pilot rates:

Job 2
Initial number of pilots to be retained is 430.
The report can be viewed at:


Retrainees?? Does that mean they will be getting pilots from somewhere else?
Branson walked out of the negotiations with Independence when Skeen indicated that he wanted a position of leadership in the new company. This was before the bankruptcy declaration though. Maybe he'll scoop the airline up piecemeal in the bankruptcy, but I doubt Branson is dumb enough to make Virgin an RJ airline. He'll probably just try to buy the certificate and maybe the Airbuses. Who knows.
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Virgin America will not operate RJs...that automatically makes Fred Reid the wrong man for the job.

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