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Tampa/St Pete

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Dec 12, 2001
anyone have info on corporate or charter companies in the tampa/st. pete area that wouldn't mind a low-time CFI in the right seat? would be willing to wash airplane, clean hangar, file jepps, or other in exchange for some stick time. any info would be appreciated. thank you.

Getting into corporate is mostly about knowing people. The way to do that is to be at the airport as much as you can. A good way to do that is to flight instruct. The first question everybody will ask is how much time do you have? 300 hrs is still kind of low, most will want at least 1000. I don't want to sound negative, but, build your time and meet and talk to everybody. You never know who that person is, where they work and what they fly. good luck!
I have to agree with NA265, especially since I got my start in corporate aviation in the St. Pete area.

At 300 hrs, you've definitely still got a ways to go, but the closer you are to the corporate scene the better, and, if you are a hard worker, it will get you noticed, which will get you an opportunity quicker (usually).

A lot of corporate captains (and airline pilots) got their foot in the door through working line service, especially at Jet Exec, on the North side of PIE. Don't know if they are still there or not, but I'd consider applying to work there if they are, and also at the other FBO's, of course.

True story- I knew a guy that worked line service at PIE when I had a single-engine airplane tied down there. When I came back four years later, looking for a 135 Jet SIC job, they introduced me to my new captain- the guy I remembered from Line Service. Even though I started flying before him, he got his opportunity earlier through working line service, and I ended up as his F/O!

Best of luck

no disrespect to anyone. i always appreciate replies to my posts. however, all i was/am asking is would there be anyone in the tampa/st pete area with an empty right seat? not for a job. i'm not looking for employment. i'm looking for an empty seat and a captain that doesn't mind having it filled...for free. i'm willing to wash planes, clean hangars, and file jepps...all for some stick time. i'm not looking for a job. just someone who doesn't mind helping a low-time cfi build a few hours. i'm not looking for a handout either. (because i know i'll hear that one) i'm willing to earn my keep. i'll spend a majority of my free time doing dirty work that the captain would normally have to do. just looking for someone willing to lend a hand so that i may further my career. again, i appreciate any replies. especially the relevant ones. :D thanks again.


Not to be a pain here, but it is highly frowned upon to do FREE work. A lot of people feel that it is taking a job away from someone who is qualified and should be getting paid.

Another problem is that if the right seat is empty, that is most likely because they are in a single pilot plane and do not need a right seat guy/gal. How would you log this time?!? Are you just looking for time/experience and are not concerned with logging the time??

Im not trying to be a harda$$, but the times are tough. How is your current student load?? Do you have any other options?? I really dont have any suggestion, except to stick it out. Not many people are hiring right now, and if they are....there are alot of people out there with high times and qualifications that will be picked first.

This is just my opinion, take it with a grain of salt, and dont take it personally.....

hey, thanks for your reply. no hard feelings. ok. clearing this up. i'm not looking for a two pilot airplane. i don't want to work for free and keep someone else from a job. i have, however, flown with guys that didn't mind helping people out. letting them come along for the ride. even if i didn't get to log any time, i still got the experience. but sometimes they would let me fly a leg and log it. there are a lot of pilots out there with thousands of hours that are settled into a nice corporate job. they're not going anywhere and don't really need the hours. i, however, am just getting started and do need the hours. anyway, thanks for the replies. i'm pretty much giving up my search. thanks again.


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