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Talon Air Jets (FRG) Hawker 4000s


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Feb 25, 2006
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According to its website (http://www.talonairjets.com/site/#/fleet/1/), Talon Air operates 3 Hawker 4000s among other types of jets. Is that true? Anyone know what the pilots think of the 4000s so far? Looks like a nice airplane.

Is Talon Air still letting go of pilots or are they starting to rehire? Do pilots there tend to fly multiple types or just one type?


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Jun 25, 2005
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Just looking for an update. PMs are also welcome.

We used their hanger for about 3 months early this year while our a/c was on lease up in FRG. I saw one of their 4000's and it was absolutly beautiful. I would love to fly that plane. Anyway, they had some BeechJet's, some Helo's and some Gulfstreams also, oh yeah, they had Bernie Madoff's old Legacy, but they have since repainted the BM off of the tail. They had a nice facility and the employees all seemed friendly enough.

That is all I really know about them.