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Taking the train from PHL to EWR?

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Check Essential

Well-known member
Jan 14, 2005
Anyone got the scoop on how to go about taking the train from PHL to EWR...specifically airport to airport?

Thanks in advance.

I can help with the Philly side. Not so sure about EWR. In Philly come out of the terminal. Go across the street to the subway train. Take the subway to 30th St Station (couple bucks) and that should get you to your EWR train.
Amtrak stops directly at the EWR airport . . . it's on a Shared line that runs with the New Jersey Transit's NE Corridor that starts in Trenton, in case that's easier . . . Amtrak is always way more expensive.

. . . from there you walk on the overpass to the airtrain (free) and it makes the rounds at the 3 terminals and parking . . .

. . . keep your ticket you have to slide it in the turnstyle to get out - and if you say you've lost it they get upset.

Are the R1 and the subway the same thing?

Been doing some more research...Amtrak is WAY expensive (although much quicker).

Looks like SEPTA to NJT is the way to go.

I see I'll need to get to the 30th Street Station in order to transfer to the R7 to Trenton (as mentioned above). Is the R1 from the airport the same as "the subway" or are the R1 and the subway 2 separate ways to get from the airport to the 30th St. Station?

Thanks again.


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