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Takeoff minimums to get to Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Well-known member
Mar 19, 2002
Sitting waiting to get to Halifax out of Detroit, cancelled last night with VV001 and 1/8th of a mile. Right now showing 200bkn with 3 miles, TAF has prevailing 300 ovc with 3 miles, but tempo to vv001. ANYWAY, what do you need to takeoff since it is an international destination? (IE a ways to an alternate with customs...) Think we are either Mesaba or Pinnacle (NW airlink)
Halifax is one of those wierd destinations...

Current conditions favor rwy 5 which needs 1 mile. Additionally YHZ is basically in the middle of nowhere and alternates are far and few between. When the WX goes down over YHZ it usually takes out all the decent alternates and using 3585 you need 1 good alternate that makes the flight legal.

Other reasons could be the rwy's are not grooved and with a x-wind it may get out of the comfort zone of either the Captain or dispatcher.

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