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Tailwheel w/o BFR...

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005

A gentleman approached me for a T/W endorsement and during the course of our initial conversation I discovered the following;

1. He has a PVT license with about 90 hrs
2. He hasn't flown since 1985

I showed him how to order a new license and get his medical renewed. However, I informed him that he can't fly solo or log PIC until he has a completed flight review, which after 20+ years is going to be fairly extensive.

He wants to do his T/W with me and complete his BFR in his newly aquired plane with somenone else.

It's a new one for me and I can find any specific regulatory guidance; can I endorse his logbook without a BFR? I informed him I believe I could, but he can't log PIC (even with another current and qualified pilot) until he has a current BFR.

You guys know anything different?

After he gets his medical renewed I would let him get the BFR with the other instructor first then do his T/W training.
First of all, he can log PIC without a valid medical, and without a current flight review. He can log time in the tailwheel airplane as PIC without the signoff, too.

He may act as sole manipulator of the controls in an aircraft for which he is rated, in order to log PIC. To be rated in the airplane, he must hold category, class, and type (if a type is required). Airplane, single engine land is category and class, for example, in a Cessna 180. The airplane doesn't require a type rating. An endorsement isn't a rating, and isn't required to be rated in the airplane...only to act as PIC. Where he can log PIC without acting as PIC (without actually being PIC)...the endorsement isn't necessary to log PIC.

Can you perform the endorsement without the student holding a current flight review? Certainly. The flight review is required to act as PIC. Your student is receiving instruction, and you're acting as PIC during the training. The flight review isn't required to receive training or the endorsement.

Your concern appears to be whether you can endorse for the tailwheel when the student can't actually go out and act as PIC. If the student doesn't hold a valid medical you can still provide the endorsement. If the student doesn't hold a current flight review, you can still provide the endorsement.

In the meantime, if the student is rated in the airplane (category and class), he may log PIC while acting as sole manipulator of the controls under 14 CFR 61.51(e)(1).

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