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T-Bird Aviation

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2003
Does anybody have any info on a company in Chicago area called T-Bird Aviation. I believe they are a management/charter operation at DuPage. QOL, etc...etc...

I have a friend who is on the Citation VII there...He really likes it...They do charter and a little bit of 91 stuff. One of their big deals is contract flying for NJ so you're on the coast a lot.
When I interviewed the CP told me I would get my required 13 days off a quarter but not much more. He said I could most likely put in for one weekend or so in that 3 months but the other days off would be assigned. The way he described it you call in each day at 5 pm or so. If they don't need you they will say so and you have the next day off.

He said you do call in every day at 5 pm and if they are not going to use you in the next couple hours you are off the clock until sometime (8am?) the next day. Otherwise you are on call all the time. So at least you know where your rest period is and there is no 2am call outs which is a good thing.

Its a clean sharp realitively new operation, just got a new hanger a couple years ago and I think they are building or have built another.

I think this was the scoop I got with the hanger tour...They started with a Challenger that one of the owners wanted managed. He makes some kind of Rubbermiad type sheads and stuff. They have grown to a number of jets 6 or 7 I think was the count I was given but this was over 2 years ago.

The other thing the CP said which kinda bugged me is something about maintaining a lean pilot staff. He wanted people who liked to fly. I like to fly but he quoted something like 2.5 pilots per plane. Thats his job to keep costs down. I just think you need a bit higher average per plane when you are running Mid to Large size jets.

The pilots I met were great. Normal pilots types who like to drink beer and play golf from what I could tell.

I will say this at least they were up front about the way they do scheduleing, time off, and how many pilots they have per plane. They didn't sugar coat it and were honest. Made the decision easy about wanting to work there or not. They have called me a couple times in the last 6 months asking if I wanted to come in and talk to them about a position. I think they are still looking for people.

Hope that helps.
I met with the folks there a little over a year ago. They have an impressive facility and seem to have a very smooth operation. Their pay was typical 135 midwest industry standard. The chief pilot was a little too crazy for me though.
PlaneStupid said:
The chief pilot was a little too crazy for me though.

Bingo. I offered to tell the original poster everything - even PM'd him my phone number - no call as of yet. The place has had nearly 100% turnover in the last 2 years despite paying well and having nice airplanes. You figure it out.....

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