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SWA's classes for new hires

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Active member
Mar 9, 2002
The other day talk with J in SWA. She told me that there is no plans to have any classes untill at least august or even later. Sorry to bring this news up but that was an official word from J.
For me personally it means I need to wait probably up to the begining of the next year.

Good luck:(
Be Patient!

This is the same news Jennifer has said for the last two months. The PD is the last to know about new classes. Wait until the 1st Qtr results are posted before you hang up your checklist for SWA.
I agree with Herkdvr

I agree with Herkdvr. Let's see what Flight Ops says when they announce they made some positive cash this quarter. I think we'll all be hearing some good news real soon.

A profit is a profit. If you can make money during the worst quarter in airline history, while all your competitors are sucking air big-time, then you're obviously doing something right.

Look for more classes sooner than we think.

Here's a tip. Think BIG PICTURE. Age 60 is a long way away for most of us on the poolie list; so kick back, relax, and enjoy the summer. And if you're like me, try and enjoy the furlough (it should be our last). We'll all be drink'n from the fire hose soon enough.

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