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SWA Uniform Qustion

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Nov 27, 2001
SWA Uniform Question

Does anyone know if SWA allows their pilots to wear any white aviator shirt or does it have to be their issue. If not then what issue is it?

I'm wondering cause a have a bunch of new Van Heusen "The Aviator" shirts.

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Your Van Heusens are probably fine, as long as they don't have the pre-punched holes in them for wings. As long as your shirt doesn't look out of place, nobody cares where you bought it. Plenty of guys wear Van Heusen shirts at SWA.

No Van heusen here, just IKE BEHAR CUSTOM man they fit nice and don't pull out.also Zena dress black slacks, soft to the touch///////////////////////////////
cool leather jackets

You'll get order forms for the jackets the first week of class. It takes 4-6 weeks to get your jacket. Total cost is $375 - $435 including shipping (all uniforms are payroll deduct at a rate of $30 a paycheck). There are samples downstairs in the training center you can try on for proper fit. Since I fly mostly on the west coast I got the zip out liner. If you aren't sure you want one, let me just say this: chicks dig them.

If you worked at a carrier that has the same jacket (SkyWest, CoEx), the company will send it to the vendor to be converted to SWA buttons and embroidery ($80). You will get your old embroidered lining back.
Like the leather jackets

Had one at SkyWest. Used it at EWA. Can't use it at UA!

I brought up the idea of leather jackets for UA pilots and/or the UA Shuttle (when it was still around) pilots to a Captain I was flying with. He told me that he didn't think they were very professional. He said that we are a business airline and the business folks expected us to dress appropriately. He further stated that pilots who wear leather jackets while on duty are not professional pilots!!! He seemed quite offended that I would have even brought up the idea.

What a sap! Can this guy possibly be any more of a geek? Thank God most pilots I have flown with aren't this idiotic, but we still don't have the option of wearing leather jackets.

Enjoying my summer in SE AK!!!



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