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SWA Type/NoType

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Well-known member
Dec 30, 2001
Hey Guys..

Question for anyone who has recently interviewed at SWA or been called for one.. I have a few friends who are debating on getting their type rating before interviewing.. It seems to me that the the days of even interviewing without the type are about done with, although it is not anywhere in writing. Do you all know of them calling folks without types recently at all?

Just trying to get some info for these guys.. thanks in advance!!

S.B (Chlorine water connoisseur)
Yes, they are interviewing people this month who do not have a type. When they applied I couldn't say. I have a type, applied in August 2001, was scheduled for Oct 11, was postponed and finally interviewed 7 Jan.

I would venture anyone applying now without a type will probably have to wait an exceedingly long time before they are interviewed. If you want to expedite the process, get the type. If you don't, just accept that it going to take awhile.

Rough times for all. Good luck to your friends.
I don't have the data you are looking for, but...

If your buddies can afford it and think they are going to have a successful interview, tell them to get the type now. That's what I'm advising one of my buddies at a regional.

1. Builds your confidence/allows you to relax. (worked for me)
2. better interview date (by 8 months pre 9-11).
3. better pool date.

It's a lot of money, but if you are successful you are going to spend it anyway. If you bust the interview, you'll still have the type in two years when you interview again.

Thanks for the replys fellas.. I will pass your wisdom along. I would love to know what the stats are on SWA's resume influx in the last few months.. I know there is no shortage of qualified folks to choose from..

Just got back from the Dallas Air Inc. seminar today--
I hand-delivered my application to them during the job fair, and they asked me if I had a type or not. I told them I don't (yet?), and they said the wait for a interview will be 4 to 6 months with out a type. I have a year to go before I'm available so I can wait. Hope this helps.

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