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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
Total Time
New update coming this weekend. Not many changes...added half a dozen names, changed a few availability dates, and didn't have any additional names for the Apr 25th class.

With the decision board coming next week, we're sure to get a few more names added to the list. Good luck to all of you! Once you've been called and want to get listed, please send:

1. Your member name

2. Interview Date

3. Type Date

4. Availibility Date

If your not typed, but have been called and would like to get listed, send your stats anyway. We'll keep your name at the bottom till you get your type with "TBA" as the date.

Remember, the pool date is the later of the interview date and type date...not the date you were called.

Once again, good luck to all those waiting for the call!:)