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SWA Supplemental Flying History

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Active member
Jan 16, 2002
In reference to the SWA supplemental flying history sheet, can someone tell me what the "FP" refers to in the "FP/IP/PIC Hour" block?

Is it Flight Evaluator?

Probably means "First Pilot" military time, i.e. in some aircraft, you are left-seat qualified prior to becoming aircraft commander qualified. Two first pilots can take an aircraft for certain missions (primarily local training) without either being an actual aircraft commander.

In some aircraft, you are also a "First Pilot" if you are aircraft commander qualified, but not fully qualified in the aircraft mission yet, i.e. a C-130 pilot who can fly passengers around but isn't yet airdrop qualified.

Rule of thumb: if you signed for the jet, it goes in the FP/IP/PIC column.


Thanks for the reply! Hey, I'm still a herc driver in the guard as well! Great plane isn't it!

Take care now
Just a note,

Make sure the totals at the bottom of you columns add up to the total reported in the bottom right corner of the grid. It's one of the things the logbook evaluators look at.

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