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swa retirements

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Well-known member
Jan 29, 2002
anybody have some info on future retirements, I know we have to get through age 65 first. Kinda wondering what hiring might occur two yrs from now after the merger. 65 should be winding up around then
approx 140 in 2013 and it stays about that for awhile and slowly ramps up in the years ahead.
Starting 2013 it will be a average of 2000 pilots in the next 10 years from that date. How about you guys? Any old guys bailing soon or next five years. You guys are a young bunch.
I would bet that swa averages 10 years older per cpt than FL. That being said it doesn't matter how the integration shakes out, In 20 years the FL
Guys will hold 80% of the top 500 slots.
Our first mandatory retirement due to 65 is tomorrow 2 OCT 2010. Was one of the retired guys that came back as an FO.

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