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SWA Reserve

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Active member
Jan 16, 2002

Question: What is the average length of time a new hire sits reserve at SWA? I'm sure it varies from base to base and and is never constant, but just wanted to get a feel for what to expect.

Of course, the amount is variable based on lots of factors, but I'll tell you how it worked out for me.

I'm based at BWI; I had reserve lines Jan - Apr. In May, I got a "blank" line which ended up being a reserve line. In June, I got a regular line.

I finished IOE in March. Had a hard line in april, in OAK. Bid PHX in april. Received PHX for May (on Reserve). I was awarded a blank line for june which was pretty much 3 on 4 off. So for me it was one month of reserve and I flew 12 of my 15 days of reserve.
November = IOE
December = Hardline in OAK
January - February = Reserve in MDW
March = Blankline
April = Blankline
May = Blankline
June = Hardline

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