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SWA reserve usage by base..


Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Total Time
Hey guys and gals..

Someone asked about the break down of how reserves are used in the system..
A recent SWAPA TRP posted a nice break down and i thought you might like to read it..
Here goes..

PHX Capt 68.55% FO 86.62%
OAK Capt 81.25% FO 94.66%
MDW Capt 76.77% FO 63.38%
MCO Capt 68.57% FO 61.29%
HOU Capt 53.66% FO 67.86%
DAL Capt 56.92% FO 43.48%
BWI Capt 72.53% FO 61.86%

Whats this means is that of those days that you are assigned a reserve block you will fly on average this percentage of your assigned days for the month..

I hope this answers some of the questions about reserve..