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SWA Question

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That's one of the many questions for 2003 ...

Most are betting on LAS ... some on TPA...

Most of us flying the line get that 'RCA Dog Look' when we try predict 'next' bases or cities served.

I'm convinced there are only a select few at the GO that KNOW the 'nexts ...' for SWA.

Isn't TPA a little close to MCO to make it a separate crew base? Just wondering. Maybe a co-base? LAS seems reasonable though.

Hit me!
Yes ... the 'closeness' of TPA and MCO is undeniable.

But consider this; during a recent RON I counted 12 A/C there for the night and we weren't the last ones in.

Doing a little math in public (min of 12 AC x 5 Crew X 28 Days (just to be safe if my number of A/C is too high X the cost per room + ground transportation = Some Major $$$

I agree with you ... I'd put my money on LAS being the next base given the same logic I used for TPA.

When it comes to new cities ... I'll vounteer my guesses ... and in no particular order ...

ABE - This one is a no-brainer if the politics of this airport can be pierced !!! They (ABE) are notorious for insider BS (just ask USAirways when MDW was PAID to serve the city)

Something near ATL (like GSP) to pick on DAL

Something near CLT (or CLT itself) to pick on USAirways

PIT (This is a longshot given the SWA model of attacking a market from the outside (PVD and BOS is the best example of the model in motion))

This is a wild guess ... but SWF looks like it might support a SWA model ... I can hear the engines revving as they leave EWR and TEB (corporate customers)

RIC (no surprises on this one ... given there is public knowledge to confirm this destination)

That's all I got to say about that ....:D
SWA new cities????

I'd say GSP would be a great choice, as would GSO. In fact, just about any former Piedmont city (I'm talk'n the original Piedmont here) would welcome SWA with open arms, in my biased humble opinion.

To quote a line from a great movie, "If you build it, they will come."

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